Center For Supportive Schools

FDA III was chosen by the NYC Department of Education to become a Community School. FDA III partnered with the Center for Supportive Schools to for this opportunity to grow and improve, as a school.

Through the community school partnership FDA III was granted the privilege to introduce additional supports for our scholars’ learning experience. Supports include: tutoring, afterschool programming, health & wellness supports, parent engagement and  professional development.

CSS Diagram

“We are driven by the vision that one day, all children will thrive in schools that graduate them prepared for the rigors of college and lives filled with meaningful work, active citizenship, and personal fulfillment.

– Center For Supportive Schools

Spark House, an arts education program with a poetry and social justice focus. Teaching artist and founder, Najee Omar, guide scholars through the investigation of what it means to recover their personal narratives. They explore the work of historic and contemporary poets; how the poems challenge and affirm personal narratives, and the art’s power to transform communities. During this process, scholars blossomed as poets – a journey we celebrated at the culminating event where scholars performed original poems.

Helen Keller International provides vision screening for scholars. Scholars who need glasses are provided with a prescription and have the option to select a free pair of glasses.

Bronxworks partners with FDA III to provide college and career readiness programming to our juniors and seniors. Bronxworks staff assigned to FDA III are stationed in the building, imbedding into our school culture, and provide professional development workshops after school. Bronxworks also arranges college visits and trips to events throughout the city.

Healthplex provides dental screening, available to all scholars. Scholars receive a no-touch screening by a dental specialist who write a referral for needed dental work. Scholars are also provided a dental health care kit.

Children’s Aid Society partners with the Charles Drew Campus to build a full functioning clinic which provides mental and physical health services.