Jose Suarez

My name is Jose Suarez. I am a licensed Social Studies teacher. I’m a teacher at FDAIII and I presently teach both US History and economics. I have been teaching within the NYC Dept of Ed for the last 25 years.


I decided to go into teaching at the behest of a good friend of mine who was a teacher in a middle school. Back in the early 1990’s I was attending city college not sure what to study, I met up with a friend who I confided in. He went on to express his joy as a teacher and told me that I should try out teaching. I did and the rest is ‘history’.

I enjoy teaching…I love the positive interaction between pupil and teacher. I love being able to help my students and guide them along as they travel through their high school years.  I enjoy watching them become enthusiastic about their education and love to see them as they mature into responsible young adults.

I enjoy the area of social studies. Throughout my educational years, I have always done well in the area of social studies. After I became a teacher, I decided that one of the licenses I wanted to have was the license that would allow me to teach social studies at the high school level.

I believe that history is the key to the future. By learning about the past we can work hard toward not committing the same mistakes and creating a better world for future generations